Buy Appropriate Desk for Work for Home to Increase Productivity

There are various advantages of working from home. The best advantage is saving commuting time. Many people think that working from home means working on the couch, backyard, and bed or at the lounge. However, to be productive while working at home, a person needs to work at a proper workstation.

Setting up a home office doesn’t mean that you need a separate room with a separate interior and privacy. Even if you find a dedicated corner in the living room where you can set up a desk, is more than sufficient.  Research says effective workplace design improves job satisfaction and productivity, and the same goes while working at home.

While you are browsing online for a proper ergonomic chair and desk, you must know various factors that can impact your selection. You need a durable material, fine quality, and above all unique design that match any wall colour and furniture.

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An unpleasant and disorganized workspace can impact your performance. This means you need to put little time and effort into crafting a proper workspace and set up your desk accordingly. Buying the right size of the desk is equally important so that it settles comfortably in whichever space you desire. Here are some useful tips that you may need to look into before choosing a desk size –

  • Decide a corner where you will be keeping your desk permanently. It is always recommended to set up near the window because natural light encourages alertness, reduces stress, and improves mood as well as productivity.
  • Once you have found an appropriate space for a desk, make sure there is enough space to move around and rotate chairs at different angles.
  • You should be clear about what all equipment should be kept on the table top (desktop, laptop, pen stand, Mouse, keyboard, notepad) based on which the table width is decided.
  • Supplies that are used regularly should be kept on the desk while items used once a week should be kept in the drawer. So, you will need a desk with drawers to store supplies.
  • Above all, measure the exact height which is required for the table, to maintain a perfect spot that supports your neck and eyes.
  • Your spine should be straight even if you sit for long.
  • The screen top should be below eye level.
  • Maintain a 20 inches distance between the monitor and eyes.
  • You should look slightly down when looking at the centre of the screen, if not, then adjust the monitor screen accordingly. This helps in maintaining proper neck alignment.

Sitting in an incorrect position because of a short desk or uncomfortable chair can cause long time health issues. Consider using a standing desk that reduces the negative effects of long sitting hours and improves productivity.

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