Is It Feasible to Use Sanitizing Mats at Home?

Due to the current pandemic situation, many of us have these thoughts in mind as to how to keep our house sanitized and safe. The biggest question amongst people is can they use these sanitized mats at home too?


Generally, sanitized mats are used in commercial offices, but they are well-suited for residential purposes too. There are many different types of sanitized mats available in the market. There is a company named The Ultimate Mats which has the best quality mats at a very reasonable price. For more details, you can log on to their website to buy and get information about their products.


About Sanitized Mats:


Many of these sanitized mats come in open-tray plastic or molded- rubber materials. However, you can also get some good ones like an appealing carpet-like appearance. It is very much like the ones we use at home. Some carpets are woven with a very good quality of Econyl nylon material. They absorb the sanitizing solution so well, just like a sponge would do. This is much better than those shallow trays with a standing sanitizing liquid which usually spills around when people use them and looks messy too.


The best part about this sponge-style sanitization mat is that you do need a floor to be perfectly flat and at the same level. This is the need when you use those open tray sanitizer mats. The liquid would spill if you do have the same leveling of the floors.


Mats for Social Distancing:


Apart from these Sanitized mats used for sanitizing purposes, they can also be used for social distancing. Many businesses are using this social distancing sticker to put on the floor to show their customers where they need to stand in the line for any service. The major drawback of these stickers is that they get torn and shattered within a month itself.


Also, it is difficult to clean the floors well with such stickers, which leave their residue.

In such cases, we have a good solution of mats for such social distancing. They are made especially for those heavy-duty foot traffic on the floor.



  • They will physically distance their customers and protect your floor from dirt and damage.
  • They will not leave any residue which is caused due to the stickers.
  • They always have that 2 M / 6 feet marker which is separated by the distance as desired. Just like stickers, they can’t be misapplied closely from each other.
  • They will never rub off or fade away as the stickers do.
  • Their life span is greater and you do not have to worry about changing it for years. Just maintaining them well is important.
  • They can also replace those stanchions and ropes which are generally used at many commercial places to queue up their customers. These are generally used at cashiers, customer service counters, bank tellers, and many more.


Many companies have started using vital oxide sanitizing solution for those mats, which are said to be very much effective to kill covid-19. This has been approved by Health Canada. Hence, it is safe and good for the environment too.

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