A Few Benefits That You Can Get from Pipe Relining

If you need to repair or rehabilitate the old and worn out pipes, then perhaps pipe relining will be the best way to do that. With this procedure, you can repair the pipes without excavating the ground or breaking the walls.

By following this method, you can not only save your time in digging the ground or breaking the wall but also save your money on labour costs. Once you have used Wilco Relining, it will improve the flow of water through your pipe system. Let us, therefore, try to know what other benefits we can get by using pipe relining.

  1. Less intrusive method than traditional pipe repairs

As already mentioned, there will be a minimal disturbance to your property as no digging or breaking is involved like in traditional pipe repair methods. Naturally, there will be no mess generated to clean. You can avoid damages to your property and also save your labour cost.

2. Prevents roots from intruding your pipes

Pipe relining can completely seal the pipe and will leave no chance of leaking, and also no tree roots can intrude your pipe space. The epoxy liner is stronger, seamless, and also long-lasting and can offer a permanent solution for your pipe repairs. It also covers all the cracks and gaps inside the pipe.

3. Cost-effective solution for pipe repair

As compared to the traditional way of pipe repairing, such pipe relining is certainly a far more cost-effective method. Since minimal digging will be needed and hence there will be no need for any heavy-duty equipment. As there is very little disruption, hence the costs of cleaning the entire area and refilling after the job are eliminated.

4. Reliable and durable

Materials for pipe relining are strong, long-lasting, and durable. Manufacturers offer a 50-year warranty on these products. It is a more attractive solution as it can free you from all the trouble of replacing/repairing your pipes too frequently. After opting for pipe relining, you will be assured of its long-lasting.

5. Increases flow capacity

Traditional clay, cast iron, or concrete pipes may have a rough surface and calcification deposits can attach very easily to them. Epoxy liners are on the other hand are free from all such problems as they will form a smooth surface within the pipe and water flow will remain smooth.

6. Adds strength to the pipes

The further addition of the epoxy resin with the old pipe will reinforce the total piping system because now you are merging 2 pipes into a single unit. It will also eliminate any joints and any other weak points in your entire piping system and offer it higher efficacy.

7. Safer

While digging your ground surface, you will end up posing a risk to your neighbours and residents. The trenches, holes, and piled heaps of debris can always pose dangers. This will also make the movement more difficult. Your children and pets are the most vulnerable. With pipe relining you can have a safer environment.

8. Adds value to your home

If you have a very well-designed drainage system, then surely it can raise the value of your home too.

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