Brief Understanding about Magnetic Coolant Filters

Usually, the longevity and efficiency of any industrial machinery will depend on the quality of maintenance behind it. The easiest way to maintain any kind of machinery is by keeping it clean.

Therefore, using clean fuel, lubricant and coolant can enhance the equipment performance. It will also reduce the machine’s component’s rate of wearing out. As a result, it can also minimize maintenance cost to reduce unplanned downtime.

Most heavy machines use different types of coolants for regulating their operating temperatures. However, coolants also require filtration systems for eliminating contaminants to maximize their effectiveness. With magnetic filtration, you can separate ferrous contaminants from the fluid mixtures.

Since the Interfil understands how magnetic filtration systems work so they could create a magnetic drum separator that is fully automated, that does not need any amount of extra labour costs. Also, it was designed to be free from maintenance.

Few advantages of using magnetic coolant filtration

There are several advantages of magnetic coolant filtration particularly for its users as well as for the environment. The following are a few of its benefits that make it most popular.

  1. High-quality filtration

With the use of a basic property of a magnetic field that usually attracts any ferrous particles, and you can achieve filtration which is of the sub-micron level just by using the power of a magnetic drum separator.

This will mean that now it can easily extract any finest ferrous particles very easily and conveniently without using any extra cost.

  1. Extends the lifespan of grinding wheel 

For every kind of grinding wheels, usually, it is the finer particles that are mostly among the various most common types of degraders. Therefore, eliminating the entire finest ferrous particles out of the coolant fluids will allow the grinder to smoothly operate in perfect ideal conditions.

With frequent coolant filtrations, there will be a reduction of dressing the grinder. Since there will be less particulate loading, hence the grinder will need less amount of maintenance and can always last much longer and will need replacement after a very long time.

  1. Low-cost operation

As you know, since this magnetic drum separator offered by Interfil will be fully automated, and hence it will not accrue any extra labour costs. Also, it was designed to be free of maintenance.

Last but certainly not least, its operation will not need any extra consumables too. As you know, this type of magnetic coolant filter will have a very low cost for overhead and hence can generate a sufficient amount of high profits meant for the whole industry.

By using industrial coolant filtration you can not only improve your profit of the company but also it is eco-friendly. By filtering and also reusing coolants will end up reducing the volume of various waste chemicals present in the environment. Besides that, it can also save money and time that you could be easily used for many other purposes.

All these Magnetic filters and Separators are used with various Grinding machines like cylindrical, internal, centerless, surface, or double-disc and roll-grinding machines. All these are also used for filtering oil of all machines.

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