Look for These Signs before Going for Roof Repair

Roofs that are quite old need frequent repair and sometimes even total replacement too. You must get your roof properly inspected by any professional roofer, who can suggest you whether you can repair your roof or you need total replacement.

Replacement of roof calls for larger investment and repairing can always be a preferable option for homeowners. With proper home inspection, it can help you to identify if your roof replacement or simply roof repair will be the best option.

Majority of the houses in the South Africa are located in older suburbs, and most of them were established either before or immediately after the 2nd World War.  Most of these houses are more than 60 years old.

However, if the homeowner has regularly maintained their roofs then with roof repairs Johannesburg you can still continue with your old roof too. Roof replacement will be needed only if there is either a major problem or you are planning to give total facelift to your home.

Therefore, it is essential that every homeowner must regularly monitor their roof covering and also the timber structure, which is associated with your roof. By doing timely maintenance you can easily prolong your roof’s life.

On the other hand, if you are too careless about your roof and roof sheeting gets rusted, tiles or slates gets broken, flashing also fails and water continues to penetrate the roof cavity, in such case, there is no point wasting money on repair but roof replacement will be the right solution.

If you hire a trustworthy roofing contractor then he will properly assess the existing structure whether it can accommodate the total load of your roof and suggest you accordingly.

Following are few conditions when you must go for repairing:

1.Shingles that are totally curled, cracked, or not available

All these indicate that your shingles are almost nearing end of their lifespan. In case you notice this then go for roof repairs Pretoria.

2. Shingles have turned dirty, dark, or even wet

In case moisture is getting trapped within shingles then they aren’t doing their job.

3. Plenty of shingle granules found in gutters

Often granules come out from asphalt shingles.

4. Wear and tear all around roof openings and objects

Various other objects of roof penetrate the roof and where deterioration develops.

5. Peeling or blistering the exterior paint

In poorly ventilated attic, moisture can build up and can cause paint to deteriorate.

6. Staining on the interior walls or ceilings

Due to many different things, water stains can develop on walls/ceilings.

7. Leaks in your attic after rainstorm

Rain may get into the attic, where you simply need to replace few flashing.

8. A sagging roof deck

If sagging is localized within little area then it can be repaired rather than complete roof replacement.

9. You can see outside light from your attic

Check your shingles whether they need immediate replacement.

10. Higher energy bills

If you find that your electricity bill is increasing then it is due to certain leakage that you can repair.

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