Why Do You Need to Remove A Tree?

Trees are an important part of our life and often go unnoticed. They prove to be beneficial for us in every possible way. Some people appreciate the presence of trees and do everything to keep them green and healthy. It is important to take preventive measures and do what is best for preserving. However, despite taking all the measures, there may arise situations where trees need to be removed.

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What are the reasons for the removal of a tree?

  • Trees are dead

No one likes the trees to be removed. But it needs to be done in situations of emergency or when there is no scope of saving the tree. When a tree is dead, it needs to be removed. It is necessary because it will lose strength in no time.

It is not able to fight the storms or even the extra weight. If the tree is not brought down, it will cause a lot of branches to wither away themselves and cause extensive damage to the property or vehicles. So dead trees should be removed as soon as possible.

  • Tree with Diseases

Another main cause of tree removal is diseases. A potential disease can result in the death of a tree. You may not even recognize sometimes that the tree has been infected and by the time you get to know, the damage has already taken place.

If you get to know that a particular tree has been diseased the take the relevant steps or preventive measures to cure it but if the cure is not possible then removal is considered as the best option. This is done to avoid further weakening of the tree and protect everyone.

  • Encroaching trees

The trees that flourish well can have a significant effect on their surroundings. When you plant a seed, it slowly gets converted into a tree by adapting to the location and there is a possibility of growing new structures around it. The growing branches of the tree may even block the path of powerlines.

Another possible and dangerous condition can be that the roots of adjacent trees may disturb the foundation of any property. Therefore, the trees that cause such type of problems need to be removed on time.

  • Trees with annoying nature


All the trees are not treated and loved equally because of their growth pattern. Many healthy plants may create a nuisance by shedding annoying fruits and seeds. Some trees have weak wood that is not able to handle the weight well. Such a tree will break automatically and cause a lot of damage to everyone and everything.

Further, there are personal preferences for trees. You may be willing to use the space occupied by such a tree by a tree of another variety. If this is the case then you need to decide by yourself whether you want to remove the tree or not.

  • Decaying roots

If you witness any kind of root decay then you need to call an arborist as soon as possible. Root decay is one of the worst causes of tree removal. If detected at an earlier stage, it can be cured but if the situation gets out of control then removal is the only option left with you.

Roots being the structural support for your tree are necessary to be protected. If they are not strong, then even the strong wind can cause the tree to break and fall within a few seconds.

  • Dead branches

If you observe dead branches then you need to notice and be prepared for two cases. If there are large dead branches on a tree then they need to be removed as soon as possible. This process should not be delayed because even a strong wind can blow them away and this will cause damage to the property and people.

Another case is of structural deformity. If the branches on one side of the tree become dead then the balance will not be maintained. This is dangerous as well because it will lead to the falling of trees ultimately.


If you witness any of the above-mentioned signs then do not delay in reaching a conclusion and remove the tree quickly to avoid damage.

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