LED Lighting Tips for Making Efficient Film and TV Serials

LED light fixtures have been one of the latest additions to cinema and television lighting systems. They have overcome different problems such as poor color reproduction, multi-shadowing, little variety in light quality, etc. and are providing different advantages such as autonomy, lightweight, reduced size, etc. which gives them great versatility for audiovisual production.

Next, we are going to describe a series of LED devices that are currently in demand for shootings.

BI-FLEX: from ALADDIN, that is how they are usually named, they are flexible and very light, with a simple velcro or camera tape they can be hung wherever we want. It has a CRI of 97 with variable color temperatures between 2,900K and 6,400K it is dimmable up to 5%. It is a surface LED light fixtures source with 3 sizes:

BI-FLEX 1 of 30 x 30

BI-FLEX 2 of 30 x 60

BI-FLEX 4 of 30 x 120

They have various accessories such as a small window with a honeycomb, as well as the possibility of feeding them to the network or battery which increases their versatility. And one of the most interesting features is that they are submersible in water.

CELEB: from KINO brand, there are 3 sizes:

CELEB 201 of 74 x 27 cm and 14 Kg

CELEB 401 of 114 x 36 cm and 26 Kg

CELEB 401Q of 76 x 66 cm and 24 Kg

As we can see they are quite heavy and bulky and need a tripod or a fastening system for their use, they give a very correct color reproduction of the order of CRI 96 with a variable color temperature ranging from 2,700K to 6,500K along with 5 color temperature presets. They can be connected by DMX with all the possibilities that this entails.

It is a surface light source giving a diffused light with great luminous efficiency.

SELECT: they are also from KINO with two sizes:

Select 20 of 60 x 30 cm and 4.5 kg

Select 30 of 107 x 30 cm and 5 Kg


Much lighter than the other Kino proposal (Celeb), they are very similar to the famous Kino fluorescence screens, they have less light output than fluorescence’s and much less than Celeb, but they compensate for this with great versatility in color reproduction, it has a variable temperature of 2. 700 to 6.500K but with an extension of the color palette they can reach 9.900K, it has a library of color gelatins that allows reproducing a great number of gelatins of the market without having considerable loss of luminosity, besides they can be connected by DMX to tables of lights.

Cinestar LED

It is a multi-functional and powerful LED lighting balloon: 850 W.

The lighting balloon projects a diffused light with a wide dispersion angle of 120°.

The lighting globe, used indoors or outdoors, allows you to choose the color temperature from 2700 K to 6500 K and regulate the light intensity.

It has anti-flicker technology (flicker-free).

Excellent color reproduction

The Daylight HMI balloons

They reproduce daylight.

They can be used as the main light or dim light to produce a very natural effect.

Their color temperature is from 5600 K to 1 440 000 lumens.

They are available in 4 forms: Tube, Diamant, Ellipse, and Gaffair.

They come in different power ratings (HMI): from 1 200 watts to 16 000 watts.

It is a line of products perfect for television studios, filming or photography, combining lightness, design, and ease of use.

The Tungsten Lighting Balloons

The Tungsten range of lighting balloons was the first product made by Airstar.

The lighting balloons have a color temperature of 3200 K, whether used indoors or outdoors and are fully adjustable.

They provide power ranging from 2000 watts to 20,000 watts.

They are available in 3 forms: Ellipse, Tube, or Diamant.

LED panels

LED panels are comfortable to work with but need a little understanding to avoid the downsides. They flicker and can hamper the light quality of the footage. The benefits of using LED panels are that they actually offset its downsides.

For example, filming a night scene needed generator years ago, which was costly, noisy, and awkward to handle? On the other hand, LED panels are powered with one V-mount battery, which resolves the sound or noise problem. They even stay cool that helps in making changes and adjustments a breeze.

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