5 Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Pipe Always Clean

Spending your extra time with your smoking pipe means more use of your piece and also it means you need more cleaning. After lots of cleaning too, it can be quite difficult to maintain every dab rig, bubbler or bong piece perfectly clean.

Over a period of time, residue will surely accumulate and will impact the performance of your pipe. Often cleaning your pipe may seem like a very complicated endeavor, but there are a number of reasons why it will be in your interest to keep the pipe as much sparkling clean as possible.

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Following are 5 good reasons why you must always keep your smoke pipe clean.

    1. Residue is dangerous

Not only your pipe will get an unfortunate look if it is full of accumulated residue but also it can be quite dangerous for all smokers. If a substantial accumulation of residue is developed then it could also catch fire, as you will cover the carb that can potentially burn both your mouth and finger too.

You can certainly prevent this hazard by using suitable glass cleaner.

    2. Practice good hygiene

People often share their pipes, which is a part of smoking culture that has developed within the smoking community. However, germs will always cling to pipe though there is nothing wrong if you share your pipe as long you keep it clean.

By doing that, you can eliminate any chance of spreading virus like common cold or cold sores etc.

    3. Lesser ash means lesser carcinogens, and also better taste

Besides preventing any contagious diseases, regular pipe cleaning will also reduce carcinogens. That means by smoking your herbs can do less damage in your lungs.

Additionally, by removing the ash can drastically improve your herb taste. Why sometime smoke herbs taste like ash whiles you are smoking herbs which should taste like herbs?

If you give high importance to flavor, then keeping the bong clean is essential.

    4. Appearance

By cleaning your pipe regularly can help you to really appreciate the beauty of artistry of your glass pipes. To find a right bong with good design sometimes takes lots of effort to make.

If your bong happens to be a magnificent art work as well as smoking device, then why not maintain its look absolutely new by regular cleaning activity?

    5. Lesser residue also means better smoking

No doubt if the residue is less, then it will offer better smoking experience. When there will be less ash in the glass pipe or in your bong, then smoke will flow in much smoother fashion.

Any cleaner pipe can provide much better performance than any clogged pipe.


You will find endless dab rigs, bubblers, bongs and also pipe tool accessories for smoking and safety however most important thing will be listening to your body needs. You must smoke safely and also take extra precaution about your health.

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