Small Tips to Choose a Chandelier for Your Dining Room

Chandelier is a light fixture that hangs from a ceiling. They are made to transform a space with its glamour and sheer exuberance, and therefore there are plenty of reasons why you should consider placing it in your house. The dining room is one of the main gathering areas at home, so it’s important to increase its beauty with some stunning designer chandeliers.

One such store for amazing and beautiful chandeliers is Sofary, which is located in Seattle Washington. It provides its customers with modern lighting at an affordable price. They also provide customization services since they work closely with the crystal chandelier manufacturers.

How do you know what chandelier will look good for your room? Is it too big or too small Or a wrong style altogether?

To answer all these questions, here are some tips for choosing a perfect chandelier for dining room:

  • The first thing to do is to identify the dimensions of your chandelier. It is important to choose your chandelier depending on the size of your dining table. Basically, it needs to be 12 inches narrower than your dining surface. A chandelier too small for the dining table will never have that impact. Make sure that your chandelier has enough breathing space while floating in the air.
  • Design is of utmost importance. Choose something that matches your style and your house. The material and the pattern you choose should complement the rest of the room decor. For example – It can be simple and elegant or a kind of show stopper. These are some ways to choose a right chandelier that will make your room look beautiful.
  • Another important thing to take into account is the height of the ceilings. If you have a vaulted ceiling then choose a larger chandelier and if you have lower ceilings then choose a smaller one. An accurate height should be around 28 inches to 34 inches above the table. This means, it should be low enough to illuminate enough light, but high enough to not interfere in your conversation.
  • Sometimes one chandelier fits perfectly above your dining table, but 2 or 3 will look better, especially if you have a longer dining table. In such cases, it is better to get 2 small chandeliers instead of one big one. This will make it appear beautiful in your dining room and also give enough lighting to have a perfect dinner.
  • Another question, which most people ask is what if the chandelier lights are too high which can make your guests little uncomfortable. The answer is simple. You can use dimmers in chandeliers that will help you adjust the lights as per your need. This will help you create the right ambience for your guests.

Lastly, it is important for you to remember that the chandelier is not the main source of light for your room. It just plays a supporting role. Wall scones, lamps and other overhead lighting should also be a part of your lighting design plan. We hope these tips will now help you to choose the right chandelier for your house.

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