Know Whether Bubblers or Hand Pipes Suits You

Hand Pipe or bong is a common device used mainly for smoking tobacco, hash or weed. They were used since decades and had been a favorite tool for men, who like to enjoy intense taste of tobacco or marijuana while smoking. Hence, over the years hand pipe has been a popular tool associated with macho man. Individuals have used pipes to smoke many elements related to weed as well. Since centuries it has been a part of many people’s life, which prefers to continue using pipe to relax and of course feel pride to hold the tool stylishly.

The most beneficial features of hand pipes:

  • They are quite convenient to use as you don’t have to waste time like rolling joints. It is simple device consisting four parts having vase, stem, tube and bowl that contains smoking ware. You just need to fill the bowl with required weed or other elements to enjoy its hit.
  • The tool is easy to maintain as you don’t wet the weed or tobacco. You can clean the parts with ease with simple washing liquid detergent.
  • They are classic in appearance and available in varied shape and size especially the glass hand pipes.
  • While using the pipe, the traditional way the effects of smoking real tobacco along with your chosen weed is a perfect way to enjoy after a tiring day.

Hand pipe users surely love every time they inhale the hit as it is dry and intense to inhale. However, unfortunately the usage of pipe declined in this modern era and many other versions of smoking device were launched for to enjoy vaping and smoking. One such version of smoking is Bubblers.

Bubblers are new version of smoking pipes that is sure to support you enjoying your favorite way of relaxation. Yes, no doubt it will remain cherished equipment in your collection. They are wonderful glass pieces remaining you of traditional glass pipes. If you prefer to enjoy a smoothest hit, then Bubblers should be your choice.

More about bubblers and why it remains one step above than water pipe in popularity chart:

  • Bubbler is uniquely designed to filter in better way any unwanted elements that usually present in your smoking liquid spoiling the taste and your health. The percolator helps in enjoying smooth ail flow enabling to enjoy the hit.
  • The hit is really good because there is a space under the bowl of water that doesn’t let the ashes travel above, thus hygienic enough to enjoy your smoke or vape. The neck of the bubblers is well designed for more filtering purpose.
  • They can be packed in confide storing space in your baggage, thus the best partner to travel with you anytime and anywhere.

Bubblers are little expensive compared to pipes, but worth the surplus money.  The reasons are blubbers won’t clog with impurities and there is no need to taste the ash or feel burning throat sensation. If you prefer to use glass bubbler, it is best to buy from popular online sellers like

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